Zoltán Csaba

About Zoltán

Innovation enthusiast I Enterprise agile coach I Entrepreneur I Business consultant I University lecturer

Introducing Zoltán, an experienced strategic consultant and enterprise agile coach. With 10 years of experience in the IT/telco industry, Zoltán has been involved in the design and implementation of agile transformation strategies and methodological coaching for innovative startups and enterprises since 2014. Zoltán is passionate about driving innovation and enabling organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. He has a deep understanding of agile frameworks and is an expert in coaching organizations, teams, and individuals with a holistic approach to adopting agile practices.

Speaker's Session

Room 3: Expertisium

The digital transformation field is full of both challenges and chances for big companies aiming to be quick and efficient. In 2023, Lufthansa Systems started a step-by-step renewal of its Lido Flight product line, supported by the Scrum@Scale framework. This Session will describe the gradual approach LSY took. Central to the transformation is the agile reshaping of the Scrum of Scrums to better fit evolving metrics and organizational needs through 2024. LSY's new agile structure was designed and tested using a thorough analysis of Product Backlog items, paving the way for this evolution. The objective is to illustrate Scrum@Scale's role in reinforcing LSY's strategic goals, which has resulted in enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and adherence to the company's overarching direction.