Thoralf J Klatt

About Thoralf

Business Agility Lead / Product Coach

Thoralf serves as a Product Coach. He started his career developing medical devices like CT scanners and became a Certified Scrum Master in 2007.

Based on many years of experience in diverse domains, Thoralf qualified as SPC in 2016, as Scrum@Scale and Scrum Inc. Trainer with Jeff Sutherland in 2019, and as Mobius Navigator Coach with Gabrielle Benefield in 2020.

Speaker's Session

Room 2: B.V. Langenbeck

Telcos recently discovered lightweight approaches to descaling and scaling their organization and value delivery. We will show how dedicated innovation hubs that incorporate new technology like genAI can stay independent of their mothership while being aligned on the overall direction. By using proven patterns to let employees own the way to build their system of work, we have streamlined operations of innovation intake and portfolio orchestration. The MetaScrum pattern paired with the pattern InvolveTheManagers is ideal to establish local decision making where the information is while staying aligned with the overall organization's strategy. Product Owner Team can run more effective allocation of funds, skills and capacity for teams of teams working on time-critical innovation initiatives like genAI piloting, new network infrastructure additions, and new approaches to customer need discovery fully supported by AI.