Serhat Önal

About Serhat

Enterprise Agile Coach & Alliance Manager

Meet Serhat, an Enterprise Agile Coach with over a decade of expertise in driving agile transformations at every level. With hands-on experience in teams and an in-depth understanding of how real value is created, Serhat helps organizations strengthen their agility muscles. Over 12 years, Serhat has navigated various roles and domains, discovering the importance of servant leadership at all levels. Whether as a Reporting Specialist, Business Partner, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Lead of 25 People, Release Train Engineer of 15+ teams, or Alliance Manager of an organization with 1000+ people; Serhat consistently looks for creating an environment for high-performing teams and supports people in achieving their best.

Speaker's Session

Room 1: Auditorium

Let's explore the innovative agile scaling strategies implemented at a global company, focusing on our “Narrow and Deep” approach within a selected tribe, the integration of leadership and the systematic introduction of structured agile components. Findings of this agile transformation process show the impact of the agile scaling strategies on operational efficiency, project delivery times and overall organizational agility while the positive impact of leadership involvement to the transformation process. Future strategies for scaling intend to expand agile practices within the company. Eventually, analysis and evaluation of the process, variables, outputs, challenges and improvements of this Agile Transformation journey may help to provide insights into how other organizations can adapt these practices for their Agile transformations.