Semen Arslan

About Semen

Sr. Product Manager

Meet Semen, serving as the Sr. Product Manager, passionately dedicated to advancing organizational effectiveness throughout her career journey. Acknowledged with the Agile and Digital Transformation Award in 2017, she views accolades as collaborative achievements.

Since her career’s inception – 2009, Semen has immersed herself in Open Source, Agile, and Lean practices. Over the past decade, she has quietly evolved into a prolific speaker, sharing insights through more than 25 presentations at respected conferences such as Agile Alliance XP, SPM, TopConf etc.

Speaker's Session

Room 3: Expertisium

Understanding team performance has almost always been difficult. There may be a heap of metrics that you could look at, but which of those are the driving ones for the team improvement and product outcome? And probably there is a lot of data for reports in different systems but making them meaningful is a tough nut to crack. The key challenges are; deciding which of the metrics are important for the improvement of the team and having an automated combined report to show a summary of the team performance. In this presentation I will explain first of all which metrics can be vital for Agile teams and how you can create an automated combined system for these metrics and use these meaningful data to boost feedback culture and transparency. In this way, the team can check this system continuously and decide if they need to improve themselves for the moment. If you are using Grafana, creating such a system is going to be easy for you too! You can also apply it to all teams in your company!