Konstantinos Kareklas

About Konstantinos

COO of Events at Ultimate Fintech

Konstantinos’s career path has taken him from a QA engineer to a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Trainer (Independent Trainer Partner with Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.), Agile Transformation Director, and now Chief Operations Officer of Events at Ultimate Fintech, a global events management company delivering large-scale EXPOs. This fruitful journey has provided him with a wealth of data and experience to share, having worked with both the private and public sectors to implement the Scrum at Scale operating model.

He has Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner, Registered Scrum@Scale Trainer, Registered Scrum Trainer, Registered Scrum Master, Registered Product Owner, Registered Agile Leader@Scale certificates.

Speaker's Session

Room 2: B.V. Langenbeck

Is the way we work sustainable?Are there any deficiencies?Is the operating model scalable?Are the people happy?An agile transformation journey requires data driven decisions that need to be empowered by shifting towards the mindset of emerging practices. Data-driven decisions are the vehicle of change. Shifting from opinion oriented decisions to data oriented supports every single change. Measure the impact of actions and ensure the progress is always visible. A successful transformation journey is full of ``aha`` moments and quick wins that helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Understand the current situation by developing foundational data. Work with higher management and understand the vision, do a GAP Analysis, assess the risks and develop an OKR structure to measure the progress. Setup the Business Intelligence to support decisions, implement Scrum at Scale operating model by launching a POC, establish a dual operating model, have a solid change management strategy, establish communication channels to support the people and gradually shift the organization to the new way of working.