Dee Rhoda


About Dee

Agile Transformation & Organizational Change Leader, Coach & Trainer

Dee is driven to guide individuals, teams and organizations on their journey in business agility. Dee believes that business success and workplace joy are achieved best by creating teams, leadership and organizations that are focused on people, customers, learning and continuous improvement. Dee has personally experienced many times over the positive impact of putting Agile philosophy and practices into action in multiple industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, and Retail. Dee has also been actively advancing Scrum in the industry of Design & Construction.

Dee have over 20 years of experience in Agile & Scrum development, training, consulting, and coaching. Dee specializes in planning, execution, consulting and coaching individuals, teams and organizations towards real and positive change that focuses on business value driven delivery. Dee is known for reaching across business units, cultivating strong relationships to foster collaboration and growth that focuses on the larger organization’s business goals.

Dee is also a professional, experienced and engaging public speaker. When Dee am not speaking, consulting, coaching or training Dee is designing new Agile and Scrum learning experiences using proven brain science techniques.

When she is not focused on helping others find work place joy you can usually find her on a golf course with her husband chasing a little orange ball or spending time with her two sons.

Speaker's Session

Room 1: Auditorium

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations seek to embrace agility and adaptability. Agile transformation coaches play a pivotal role in guiding this journey. This presentation explores how a well-structured Dojo program can cultivate exceptional coaches who drive organizational change at an accelerated, sustainable pace.
Dee will discuss the key components of a successful Dojo Program. These are Dojo environment, structure and training itself. Dee will also share some insights and lessons learned including effective practices, challenges, adaptations and organizational refactoring of the Agile Transformation Model (ATM) itself.