Christoph Dibbern

About Christoph

Accredited Kanban Consultant & Trainer: Fostering organizations that evolve and improve | Management 3.0 Leadership Facilitator | Flight Levels Coach | PSM III | PSPO III | Scrum Trainer

I live with integrity, think customer-oriented, ignite passion, take accountability, promote innovation, and achieve greatness and tolerance.

I have been accompanying organizations in their agile transformation for over eight years and work closely with top management, middle management, business, and technical experts. If you’re looking for a skilled and passionate professional who can help you transform your business, then I might be the right one for you. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and make your organization thrive in today’s fast-paced world!

Speaker's Session

Room 1: Auditorium

As once Crag Larman was saying: “culture follows structure”. Research shows, that this sentence applies to all organizations and domains. Based on common agile values & principles and small, holistic teams and teams of teams, organizations are proven more able to make fast decisions and act more customer-centric. Sufficient, self-managed teams and teams of teams also foster alignment of the individuals as well as worker happiness & customer happiness as Daniel Pink points out in his book Drive. According to Scrum@Scale, a minimal viable bureaucracy (MVB) helps to foster cross-team collaboration as well as sufficient stakeholder integration. Through this, an organization speeds up and improves its quality & creativity by focusing on its employees' & customers' needs in their specific context and for their specific problems. The company has around 800 employees and currently, around 62 bloggers, which work in five teams. The company's top challenges According to research and the Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner training materials, organizations face nowadays to four mega issues: Prioritization: “If an organization can’t prioritize, it will waste time, effort, and money on low-value outcomes” Delivery: “If an organization can’t deliver in a timely manner, it will lose customers and marketplace position” Refactoring: “If an organization can’t regularly refactor people placement and workflow, it will fail to meet production demands” Organization Culture: “If an organization can’t change its culture being at odds with agility, it will lose the battle for attracting and retaining talent” This interactive talk introduces a new holistic view of a team of teams for social media to provide high-quality content for their customers in the finance domain.