Árpád Földesi

About Árpád

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer; Partner at TAL Consulting

Introducing Árpád, an Enterprise Agile coach and organizational architect with over 20 years of experience at the forefront of agile transformation. Árpád is an agile consultant and a true scaling expert, having successfully supported multiple enterprises in incrementally adopting the best practices of various agile scaling frameworks. Currently, Árpád is dedicated to supporting the organizational-level agile transformation at Lufthansa Systems, where his expertise and guidance have been instrumental in driving the adoption of agile practices.

Speaker's Sessions

Room 3: Expertisium

The digital transformation field is full of both challenges and chances for big companies aiming to be quick and efficient. In 2023, Lufthansa Systems started a step-by-step renewal of its Lido Flight product line, supported by the Scrum@Scale framework. This Session will describe the gradual approach LSY took. Central to the transformation is the agile reshaping of the Scrum of Scrums to better fit evolving metrics and organizational needs through 2024. LSY's new agile structure was designed and tested using a thorough analysis of Product Backlog items, paving the way for this evolution. The objective is to illustrate Scrum@Scale's role in reinforcing LSY's strategic goals, which has resulted in enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and adherence to the company's overarching direction.

Room 1: Auditorium

Used by over 125 airline operators worldwide, operating a combined fleet of more than 7,700 aircrafts, Lido Flight 4D is the market leading product for flight planning. The product has been on the market for almost 30 years and is currently in the process of a stepwise renewal. To allow customers an easy migration, Lufthansa Systems has decided to offer the opportunity to run the product in a hybrid mode – which increases the complexity of the transformation as such. Several technical renewals, which also need to be done in a stepwise approach, further increase the challenge of the overall endeavor. Along with the product renewal, a transformation of the organization had to follow to make the changes sustainable. This talk is an open reflection on our journey of transforming both our product - which is a major challenge in itself - and the organization using Scrum@Scale.