Abdullah Cabaluz

About Abdullah

Enterprise Transformation Leader, Director

Abdullah Cabaluz, an accomplished Enterprise Transformation Leader, holds the position of Head of Transformation and Continuous Improvement at Softtech. With over 25 years of extensive experience across diverse IT domains such as software development, testing, service management, governance, and transformation, he is deeply committed to driving organizational and cultural change to enhance business and operational excellence.

Additionally, Abdullah is a seasoned Director in the performing arts field, boasting more than 30 years of involvement. He has successfully directed and produced over 15 plays, earning accolades from various prestigious national organizations.

Speaker's Session

Room 3: Expertisium

As Turkey's largest software company, we've thrived as the primary technology partner for Turkey's leading private bank. Yet, our exclusive focus on one client limits exposure to diverse market demands, hindering portfolio expansion. Recognizing the need to diversify, we embark on an Agile & Cultural transformation. Through this journey, we seek to broaden market reach and foster a culture of agility, collaboration, and innovation for global success by establishing high-performing teams. Our initial objectives focused on fostering company-wide alignment with Softtech’s purpose, vision, mission, and values, alongside restructuring our systems to reflect these core tenets, effectively shaping a new organizational identity. Subsequently, we initiated a cultural shift, commencing with leadership, to cultivate a culture conducive to high-performing teams. Operational adjustments were made to synchronize processes, tools, structure, and strategy with our redefined mission. We emphasized the sustainability and internalization of this transformation program. Thus, drawing inspiration from genetics, named it “DNA”. Our efforts have yielded remarkable results, evidenced by a notable decrease in cultural entropy, indicating a more cohesive and collaborative work environment.